Pretour to Finland


Pre-tour to Finland 
Highlights of the tour.

Here you can find the pdf with all the information about the pre tour to Finland >>      

PDF with the program, general information and prices about the Rose conference >> 

1. Overnight cruise from Stockholm to Turku through one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos enjoying a get together dinner on the boat. 

2. An introduction to the Finnish flora and Finnish roses in The botanical garden of Turku University and a rosarium with a unique collection of Finnish found roses with knowledgeable guides. (website:

3. Get a glimpse of the fascinating history of Turku city in Aboa Vetus Museum for archeology and contemporary art (Website:


4. Helsinki, the Daughter of the Baltic is the vibrant capital of Finland. The old and new centre of Helsinki shows the beautiful architecture of Engels from past time around the Senate square and modern Finnish architecture in front of the Parliament house with the central library Oodi, the Finlandia Hall and the Music Hall. ( bild från presentation) (Website:… )


5. Cruise on the lakes north of Tampere on the 115-year-old steamboat Tarjanne, The world’s only old steamboat still in regular traffic. Enjoy a light meal of local dishes while enjoying the scenery.(Website: )

6. The Kvarken Unesco World Heritage site outside Vaasa shows the traces of the ice-age in unique geological formations like the De Geer and Ribbed moraines. It is the best place in the world to see the effects of the land uprising after the ice-age. (Website:


7. Visits to three unique private gardens where focus is on growing roses that can survive and flourish in our harsh climate. 

Garden with roses

Useful Websites: 

1. Turku University Botanical Garden:       
2. Masku Rosarium (only in Finnish):    …;
3. Aboa Vetus, Museum of Archeology and contemporary art:       
4. Wohls Gård:       
5. Meilahti Rosarium:       
6. Hataanpää Arboretum:…;
7. Jokilaakso Garden Center:…;
8. Stundars Homestead Museum:       
9. Ahlström Ruukki: